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Fellowship’s Residency is a 10-month program designed to give young leaders, who feel called to ministry, hands on experience in a multi-site church setting. This program offers joint-curriculum study, while also giving residents an opportunity to choose a specific area of ministry to build upon over the course of the 10 months.

Current Residents

Marquese Hayes

Former Residents

I learned so much in the residency. I loved the balance between leadership development, spiritual growth, and on the ground ministry experience. I’ll be forever grateful for the deep relationships, opportunities, and growth that are all a direct result of my time there.

Heather Patterson

The residency season was not only a growth season for me personally and spiritually, it grew my leadership capacity and confirmed my calling to ministry. I grew to love the Church more, understand Scripture better, and learned how to be a disciple and make disciples in a really tangible way using Scripture as our model.

Jake Briggs

The residency was such an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that was so encouraging and uplifting. I have grown in my love for God, His Word, and His people during my time in the residency, and walking alongside pastors of such high character and competency has impacted my ministry journey in the best way.

Stuart Sowerbutts

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