Fellowship Bible Church was founded out of relationships that were formed from a revival that was led by the Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Arkansas between 1968 and 1972.

Fellowship was founded on “mission mindset”, they had a vision for reaching the world for Christ.

Founding Characteristics

Fellowship was founded on three characteristics: elder-led, small groups, and team teaching.

It was agreed that this church was going to be led by elders, men called by God who were working based on unanimity. Elders were going to be overseeing the ministries of the church, and then they were going to be building into the lives of leaders and developing small group leaders.

Small groups were formed for the purpose of authentic community. To love one another, to confess to one another, to bear one another’s burdens.

The third characteristic of the church was team ministry, at every level. This was even expressed from the very front every Sunday by a team of pastors who would teach from the stage.

Church Plants

The above characteristics really began to grow the church, continuing the vision to equip the church to become what was called an I2 church. A church filled with people who had an “irresistible influence” on the culture around them.

The desire to plant churches arose. the church saw that as a biblical way from the New Testament to have a ministry throughout the whole world. Fellowship brought residents into Little Rock and trained them here for a year. They would go out from here to plant churches in different cities. To date, over 100 churches have been planted, and those churches have planted another 100 churches.

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Multi-Site Campus Vision

One way that Fellowship has been living out it’s mission statement, to make disciples who live by God’s grace and for His glory at home and across the world, is through our multi-site campus structure.

Fellowship is one church in six locations: Benton, Cabot, Español, Maumelle, Midtown, and West Little Rock.