Fellowship Missions exists to equip and mobilize disciples who will love by God’s grace and for His glory at home and across the world.

At Home

Fellowship Missions is committed to obeying the Great Commission by making much of God among the nations, and yet it is also the responsibility and privilege of the local church to make much of God by engaging the lost and unreached throughout the local community. Proclaiming the gospel and generously seeking to meet the felt needs of those nearby is imperative for every follower of Christ. We aim to do this humbly, graciously, and courageously to the glory of God. ( Rom 1:16, 2 Tim 4:2, James 1:27, Deut 15:11, Matt 6:1-4, Matt 25:35-40)

Across the World

Throughout scripture, God reveals His heart for all nations to know Him and enjoy Him forever. There are many language groups around the world today who still have little to no access to the Gospel or a healthy local church. In His loving sovereignty, God commands and empowers us as His bride, the Church, to go and declare His grace and glory among all nations so that a knowledge of His saving power and glory will fill the Earth. (Matt 28:18-20,Rom 15:20-21, Rom 10:14-15, Ps. 96:3, Matt 24:14, Rev 7:9-10)

2024 Mission Trips


Fellowship values the practice of biblical hospitality. What would it look like if every single Fellowship member/family opened their home to neighbors?

Resources on Biblical Hospitality:

Fellowship Podcast on “The Intentionality of Hospitality”

Conversation Cards

The Gospel Comes With A Housekey – Rosaria Butterfield


God is sovereignly bringing the nations to Central Arkansas (Acts 17:24-27). Sadly, statistics suggest that 80% of international students will return to their home country without ever being invited into an American home, and only 10% of them will be reached with the gospel while they’re here.

English as a Second Language is one of the various ways we address this need. By the grace of God, we have a vibrant ESL Ministry across our different campuses. The primary goal of this ministry is to glorify God, and we do this by helping English language learners improve their English, inviting them to our homes, learning about them and what they believe, and faithfully sowing the Word of God as we build meaningful relationships with them.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of our ESL classes please email [email protected].


Fellowship partners with multiple local organizations working for the good of the community in the categories of Orphan Care, Prison, Education, Church Strengthening, and Health/Food/Shelter.  With the help of these local partners, we aim to love and serve others to the glory of God.

For more information about our Local partners, please click the button below.

Pray for unreached people groups:

An unreached people group or UPG is an ethno-linguistic group where only 2% or less of its population professes evangelical Christianity.

You can pray specifically for UPGs daily using the tool below from the Joshua Project.

If you are interested in “adopting” one of our Missionaries, please click the button below and we will get you connected.


Mission Trips

Habakkuk 2:14 says that one day the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. Short-term mission trips are one way you can learn to server others, share the gospel in a cross-cultural context, and help fill the earth with a knowledge of the glory of the Lord. Check out our trips below and pray about taking a trip with your family and/or D-Group!


Going long-term is for people the Lord has gifted, equipped, and affirmed through our Global Missionary preparation process. A missionary is a disciple of Jesus set apart by the Holy Spirit, sent out from the church who crosses geographic, cultural, and/or linguistic barriers to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached peoples and places.



Fellowship serves and supports faithful missionaries all across the globe who have been commissioned by Fellowship (or another Bible-believing local church) to proclaim the gospel, make disciples, and plant healthy, reproducing churches. Click below to view a list of our missionaries and learn about how you can “adopt” a Fellowship Missionary!


Fellowship strategically partners with global ministries to serve and reach a lost and dying world with the gospel. Click below for information on our global missions partners!