Fellowship Next

Next is a casual get together for those wondering how to get more connected at Fellowship. Whether you want to know how to get plugged into a D-group, you have questions about serving with the church, or just wanting to learn more about Fellowship, Next is the place to have your questions answered! Join us for breakfast during this fun, get-to-know you event!

Next takes place in the Atrium at 10:15a between services


Membership is a class led by our Elders which focuses on understanding the beliefs and values of the church. It is a four-week class offered three times a year at 9a in the Atrium. Attendance is required to become a member.


Through baptism, we are following the example of Jesus, as well as the teachings of Scripture, and declaring to the watching world that we’ve been changed. Our old life is gone, and we are a new person in Christ. Whether you are new to following Jesus, or have been following Him your entire life, but have never been baptized, we’d love for you to take that next step. For more information fill out the form. (below)

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