Legacy Grandparenting 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to mobilize a generation of grandparents who will passionately embrace God’s “grand design” for discipling their families and reviving their spiritual community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to call up, inspire, and equip grandparents to intentionally pass on their faith to their grandchildren.


  1. Studies show that grandparents are the 2nd most influential people in their grandchildren’s lives.
  2. 74% of grandparents say this is their most important role in this season of their life.
  3. 95% of grandparents say they have never heard a sermon or attended a class to equip them for this role.

Current Opportunities

Grand FBC Nights – Local monthly gatherings that inspire and equip grandparents on a variety of issues such as long-distance grandparenting, understanding your grandkid’s culture, and building sticky faith into your grands.

Grand Monday Nights – National weekly webinar that airs on Monday evening at 7:00 PM with a replay during the week and messages on demand. This national program is presented by Legacy Coalition and is available here.

Grandparenting Blogs – Online articles on grandparenting that encourage, provide advice, and share creative ideas for activities with your grandchildren. 

Podcasts – Sessions with nationally recognized speakers like Dr. Gary Chapman, Josh McDowell, and more who cast vision and teach transformational principles.

Future Opportunities

The Summit (Oct 21-22, 2022) – Yearly National Simulcast sponsored by Legacy Coalition featuring acclaimed experts on topics critical to discipling grandchildren.


Grandmothers Interceding for Grandkids – Join with a group of grandmothers who recognize the most powerful weapon we have for both protecting our grandchildren and affecting their decisions is prayer. We are in a spiritual war and we need spiritual weapons for the battle. For more information, email lstanberry@fellowshipar.com

Grandparent Curriculum for D-Groups

  • Grandparenting Strategies – Choose a study for your group from a list of excellent 35-minute DVD’s by speakers on a variety of grandparenting topics. Contact lstanberry@fellowshipar.com for a complete list.


  • Grace Based Grandparenting by Tim and Darcy Kimmel – The Secrets of a Heart Connection (five 20-minute DVD’s). Leaders Guide and Workbooks available. Contact lstanberry@fellowshipar.com for more information.


  • Grace Base Grandparenting by Tim and Darcy Kimmel – Resolving Sticky Situations  (five 20-minute DVD’s). Leaders Guide and Workbooks available.  Contact lstanberry@fellowshipar.com for more information.

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