Bible Overview

Welcome to the Bible Overview!

The Bible Overview was created to provide a better understanding of the storyline of the Bible. Its purpose is to take the individual stories of the Bible that many of us have heard and show how they point to Jesus, and how they fit in the context of God’s bigger story. The Bible is God’s direct message to us. Beginning in Genesis and through Revelation, the Bible reveals to us who God is and how He longs to be in relationship with us through His Son, Jesus.

The format for the Bible Overview is simple. The Old Testament and New Testament are each divided into six eras, with key points and connections to Jesus. We will use maps to guide us through each time period so that we have a visual picture of the whole storyline.

This study is for someone who has never opened the Bible as well as someone who has had many years of Bible training. I know it can seem overwhelming to think about covering the entire Bible in six weeks. However, I want to encourage you that with the help of others and the Holy Spirit, you can do this! This study has transformed the way I interact with God through His Word and I am so excited to be sharing it with you. It is my prayer that your life will be transformed in the process as well. May God bless your endeavor to know Him more through His Word.

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