The past two years have provided a sense of loneliness and disunity for many of us. We are praying that you find unity with others based on what Christ has done for you; rather than the everyday, fleeting things that we look for to bring us together. 

God has given us purpose, invited us into His family, and given us a mission. How will we respond?

Together we can worship Him, Together we can learn more about Him, Together we can be vulnerable in cabin discussions, Together we can establish new friendships, Together we can be challenged to grow, Together we can explore the image of God in us and others, Together we can know that our differences are to be celebrated, Together we can spend time in God’s creation, Together we can spend time in God’s Word, So that we can go together to the world.

Weekend One

7-9th GRADE | FEB. 4-6

Weekend Two

10-12th GRADE | FEB. 11-13