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Episode #58 – Post-Dwell 2019 with Aaron and Kathryn | Fellowship Bible Church

Episode #58 – Post-Dwell 2019 with Aaron and Kathryn

It’s a post Dwell conversation with Dwell conference founders Kathryn Maack and Aaron Williams. Dwell 2019 took place in early March, but there is much to talk about as our church moves forward. Aaron and Kathryn help us reflect on the Dwell conference and they share with us about their hearts for Dwell and take us behind the scenes. How do we take the experience of Dwell and bring it into our D-Groups and personal lives? How can your personal prayer time be different after the conference? What was up with the candle that wouldn’t light on opening night? We also have a special message for you from Kathryn. She shares her heart and vision for where Dwell is going in the future.

If you missed the conference you can check out the sessions from Dwell 2019 at www.dwellwithGod.com

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We the Union for lending the use of their song “Alive in Us.”


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