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Episode #43 – TOP FIVE Ways to Worship God Outside of Sunday | Fellowship Bible Church

Episode #43 – TOP FIVE Ways to Worship God Outside of Sunday

This week Dan and Amy bring a new themed episode called “TOP FIVE.” “TOP FIVE” is a new themed episode from Fellowship Talks that will give you the “TOP FIVE” in a variety of topics. Our first TOP FIVE is with Dalton Shaffer as he shares his “TOP FIVE” ways to worship God outside Sunday morning. Dalton is the worship pastor for Fellowship’s Cabot campus. Dalton reframes the question just a bit and shares his “TOP FIVE” ways we can reorient our worship back to Jesus. Dalton is passionate about his worship before God and brings an excellent “TOP FIVE.”

5) Spend time with God in His word and in Prayer.

4) Serve God by serving others.

3) Live a life in a rhythm of repentance.

2) Surround yourself with community.

1) Participate in the global mission of God.

What should be our next “TOP FIVE?”

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Dave Younkman for serving as our recording engineer.

We the Union for lending the use of their song “Alive in Us.”


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