Episode #36 – Chris & Clelia Sanchez on Tiempo De Dios

We are breaking new ground with Fellowship Talks. This exciting episode comes to you in both English and Spanish! Dan and Amy visit with Fellowship mission partners Chris and Clelia Sanchez. They live and serve in Argentina at a church named Tiempo De Dios. They are not the full-time pastors at this church but play a key role and have come to share more with Fellowship about what God is doing in Argentina. Chris and Clelia speak very little English, and Dan and Amy speak no Spanish, so Fellowship staff member Alfredo Alvarez sits with us to help with translations. Even in the midst of the language barrier, it is clear that God is working in this church and through these mission partners. Chris and Clelia share about the culture in their city of Merlo. As you listen to this episode, you will learn about some of the challenges of ministry in their city. Will you join us in praying for the church of Tiempo De Dios in Argentina?

Thanks for listening to Fellowship Talks! Our goal is to infuse the mission and values of Fellowship into the daily life of each person at Fellowship by giving our church a midweek connection to the church.

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Special thanks to:

Alfredo Alvarez for interpreting for us during this episode.

Michelle Younkman for giving voice to the podcast’s introduction and conclusion.

Dave Younkman for serving as our recording engineer.

We the Union for lending the use of their song “Alive in Us.”

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