Episode #17 – Neighborhood Ice Cream Party!

Dan and Amy welcome Fellowship members Lance and Heather Patterson to Fellowship Talks. Lance and Heather share their experience of visiting Fellowship for the first time and how they got connected to a D-Group. Their D-Group has a great story of reaching out to their neighborhood by hosting a Neighborhood Ice Cream Party!

Lance and Heather mentioned a book/study that their D-Group went through called “The Art of Neighboring” by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon. You can also check out a RightNow Media Conference session by Dave Runyon called “The Art of Neighboring.”

Thanks for listening to Fellowship Talks! Our goal is to infuse the mission and values of Fellowship into the daily life of each person at Fellowship by giving our church a midweek connection to the church.

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Special thanks to:

Michelle Younkman for giving voice to the podcast’s introduction and conclusion.

Dave Younkman for serving as our recording engineer.

We the Union for lending the use of their song “Alive in Us.”

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