Episode #7 – Dave Kella on Membership – Week 3

This week on Fellowship Talks, Dave Kella joins us to talk about session three of the membership sermon series, Together. Dave is an elder at Fellowship and is passionate about multiplying the gospel at home and across the world. As followers of Christ, we are all called to be missionaries. Listen to Dave as he shares more about how each of us can participate in the Great Commission.

Dave mentioned his involvement with Fellowship Español. For more information about Fellowship Español, email Bryan Monterroso at bmonterroso@fellowshiponline.com.

Thanks for listening to Fellowship Talks! Our goal is to infuse the mission and values of Fellowship into the daily life of each person at Fellowship by giving our church a midweek connection to the church.

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Special thanks to:

Michelle Younkman for giving voice to the podcast’s introduction and conclusion.

Dave Younkman for serving as our recording engineer.

We the Union for lending the use of their song “Alive in Us.”

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