Prayer & Fasting

Date(s) & Time(s)

Monday, Jan 4 - Wednesday, Jan 6
8:00 AM

Closes: Jan 6, 2021



Over and over again in the Scriptures, we see God encouraging us to seek him continually, with all our heart, early in the morning and late in the night. Graciously, he promises and reminds us that he will reward those who seek him. He will give strength and peace to those who seek him. What a great opportunity for us at the beginning of 2021, to say with these three days how much we want God.

This year, we have two opportunities to engage in praying and fasting. We recognize that you may want to participate in one or both!


For the next three days, as a church family, we want to pray nonstop. From Sunday at midnight until Wednesday at midnight, we want to see people from all our campuses joining in 30 minute slots of prayer. What a powerful time to unify our hearts in prayer from different locations. Just click on the link below and find your slot (or slots) where you want to pray. Feel free to do it by yourself or with your family or D-Group!


The second opportunity is around three days of fasting. Whether that is from food, screens, or something else, we want to go without so that we can have more of God. And while fasting is mostly done in secret, there is also great benefit in knowing that you are joining in with others in this powerful endeavor. For this reason, we would love for you to register at the link below and let us know that you are committing to seeking God in this way over these three days. For more information about fasting please click the Learn More button below.

As an encouragement, we will send an email out each day with some Scripture, a few insights and several specific things to pray for.

Worship Night

Then, depending on your campus we will gather on Wednesday to either join together for a time of prayer at noon or for a night of worship. Click on the Learn More button to see the schedule for each campus.

We look forward to drawing closer to God with you!