Date(s) & Time(s)


6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


West Little Rock Campus

1401 Kirk Rd, Little Rock, AR 72223-6004


Perspectives is a 15-week discipleship course that journeys through scripture, retraces history, and highlights God’s kingdom-expansion across the world today!

You will be able to grow in your walk with Christ, connect with other believers and hear from experienced instructors of all backgrounds, as they share about God’s heart for the nations.

This is a transformational class that will unpack the incredible truths and implications of the Great Commission, while helping people of all walks contextualize this and walk in obedience. Whatever age, season, or profession you are in, Perspectives will encourage and challenge you to to see God’s global purpose, and in-turn, walk in His global purposes for your life.

The class will be taking place at the Station

The first two classes are free for anyone interested, and registration will remain open until the third week!