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Why We Serve Local

Serving others is an opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to the world in a tangible way. Whether it’s delivering a meal, building a fence, or mentoring a student, service meets a physical need that builds bridges for spiritual conversations and transformation.


September 19 – 26 | West Little Rock

Join us for an incredible week as we focus on Local Missions! Each day holds a fun activity, challenge, or event to participate in.

Local Partners | West Little Rock

Fellowship partners with several local organizations working for the good of the community.  We serve alongside these partners to fulfill Christ’s commandment in Mark 12:28-34 to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Click the logos below for information on our local missions partners.

Serving in and alongside these partners is a great way to love our community well.  It also provides opportunities to share the Good News of our salvation by grace, through faith in Christ with those we might not otherwise come in contact with.  Serve your community by working with these partners.  Love your neighbor by sharing the Gospel with others, all for the glory of God.

I enjoy serving locally because I can see the instant impact it has in my community. Serving alongside others in our D-Group has also helped foster stronger relationships. It’s such a great way to actively love others!
Keila Mugabo

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